Year: 2015

Format: 2×60

Channel: Channel 5

About The Show

Our most ambitious project to date, we had been producing this pioneering and ground breaking two-part documentary since the spring of 2013.  Body Donors follows the stories of two ordinary human beings who make an extraordinary gift to humanity by leaving their entire bodies to medical science after their death.

The programme reveals to the British audience, the story of Mike and Diana, our Body Donors.

With unprecedented access to the Human Anatomy Resource Centre at the University of Liverpool and the Newcastle Surgical Training Centre, Freeman Hospital and the University of Newcastle.

We are extremely grateful to the families of Mike and Diana for supporting their decision to allow us to follow their stories from life to death and beyond.

Their contribution to science is unique as it is invaluable. Their participation in our documentary series ensures that their contribution is captured for all to see and to encourage the rest of us to consider just how selfless their actions have been and to maybe make us all think about how we can play our own part in helping humanity.